Workshop on People Value Canvas – and Empathic Business Opportunities


How to create people-driven value propositions in the making of new business by unfolding potentials in the increasing market of older adults?

A multidisciplinary team developed the People Value Canvas during the Express to Connect project, addressing loneliness in the life of retired people. The canvas is created as an answer to the many questions that arose while working with a business model generation (Osterwalder) approach. The People Value Canvas is meant as a supplementary tool and framework for building the core element of a Value Proposition reflecting people's real needs, motivations and the desired outcomes.

In this workshop we will share the knowledge and ideas leading to the People Value Canvas and we will invite you to co-create the next version of it together with some of the initial creators:

The workshop takes place on Tuesday 24th September at 15.30-17.00 at the AAL Forum Venue, Norrköping.

Please register by Friday September 6th using this link.