WP5 Commercialization

People Value Company

Based on what we learnt in the project, the Express to Connect consortium has decided to continue collaborating in the form of People Value Company (PVC). It is built on the belief that we can help solving tomorrow’s problem by collaborating with today’s problem owners – those that are elderly today.

We like to think differently about demographic change: It is also an opportunity since it creates a vast variety of new business opportunities. People Value Company will act to disseminate knowledge and experience gained in a way that has social and economic impact on local, regional and international scale.

The knowledge and experience contain two main assets:

  1. A platform for picture based games (Storyville Studios), strengthening social connections through storytelling, playable on iPads and distributed as apps in App Store (Picture Pong, PhotoBluff and Pic My Choice).
  2. A framework for exploiting the benefits of applying “social connectedness” to public and private services.

Intellectual property on both assets have been transferred to the new shared business entity People Value Company.

Two-folded business model

Following this, the business model is twofold. One with a short-time focus on business-to-business (B2B) customers and the other one with a long-time focus on business-to-consumer (B2C) customers. The B2B services will make it possible for People Value Company to generate revenue quickly, and thereby allow to continue the B2C commercialization task laying ahead.

The B2B services help public and private organizations to act on the vast variety of new business opportunities, which follow from an aging society. In order to do so the organization must both reframe the notion of old and redesign for connectedness. People Value Company will offer an array of workshops that will help the organization to go all the way.