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Workshop on People Value Canvas – and Empathic Business Opportunities

A multidisciplinary team developed the People Value Canvas during the Express to Connect project, addressing loneliness in the life of retired people. It is meant as a supplementary tool and framework for building the core element of a Value Proposition reflecting people’s real needs, motivations and the desired outcomes. During the AAL Forum, on the 24 September at 15.30 – 17.00, there is a workshop which we invite you to attend and share our knowledge and ideas.

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Looking ahead - Towards People Value Company

Based on what we learnt in the project, the E2C Consortium has decided to continue collaborating in the form of People Value Company (PVC). It is built on the belief that we can help solving tomorrow’s problem by collaborating with today’s problem owners – those that are elderly today. The ageing society is causing a vast variety of new business opportunities that have been underutilized until now. PVC aims to change this by disseminating the knowledge and experience gained in the E2C project in a way that has a social and economic impact.

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Storyville games available now on AppStore!

All three storytelling games developed in the E2C project are now available on AppStore. By playing these storytelling games on iPad, players enhance the social connectedness among themselves. To download Pic My Choice, PicturePong and PhotoBluff, visit the iTunes store. The game apps are available in Denmark, Finland, Sweden and the Netherlands in local languages as well as in English. For more information on Storyville games, visit also the Storyville studios and view the summary of WP3 outcomes.


View the E2C Webinar

If you missed our People Value Company launch event at the Laurea University of Applied Sciences in February 2013, you can still access the presentations and the additional materials via the Webinar page. The videos can be found under the Program tab and the presentations under the Materials tab. Our seminar received a lot of positive feedback – visit our Webinar page and find out why!


Last E2C Newsletter out now!

Even though the Express to Connect project has been completed, this is not the end of the E2C story but rather the beginning of a new,exiting chapter. Read the E2C Newsletter to learnthe reasoning behind the People Value Company and the future plans of this new business entity. The final newsletter also gives a full report on the People Value Company launch event and shares the latest developments on the Storyville games.

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Save the date for E2C Final seminar

On 15 February 2013, the Consortium will host a seminar highlighting the major outcomes of the E2C project. During this seminar you will hear, for example, what the scheme behind the digital Storyville-games is, what are the learnt lessons in user-centric design process, and how the innovative impact assessment has been handled during the design process.

The final seminar will be webcasted so you can attend the event wherever you are by just clicking the webinar link, which will be provided closer to the event.  You are also warmly welcomed to join us in the seminar at Laurea University of Applied Sciences premises in Tikkurila, Finland. Please save the date for this half day seminar starting at 9.00 CET.


The AAL Catalogue of Projects 2012

The catalogue provides an overview of the 102 projects that have resulted from the first four calls published by the AAL Joint Programme. This comprehensive catalogue gives an insight into the products, systems and services that are being developed by hundreds of SMEs, research, user organisations and others, throughout Europe. The Express to Connect project is presented on page 38.

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AAL Forum 2012, The Netherlands

E2C Consortium has been invited to present the project and join the exhibition at AAL Forum 2012. The event will be held in Eindhoven, the Netherlands from 24 to 27 of September 2012. The special venue for forum is the UFO-shaped Evoluon in Eindhoven. Around 1200 participants from across Europe are expected to participate, including users and care organizations. More information at

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Projects Magazine

Projects Magazine has published an article (page 20-25) in its AAL Forum special edition on the Express to Connect project. Read the extensive interview where project coordinator Thomas Hammer-Jakobsen explains how the recently created game, Play with Your Life, directly addresses the risks associated with the onset of unwanted loneliness in the elderly. Based on shared experience and interest, the game leads to social connectedness.

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New Brochure of AAL Projects

The 2012 brochure of AAL projects has just been published. See how the ICT-based solutions can support the active and healthy ageing of elderly people. The brochure presents a number of projects resulting from the first three thematic calls issued since 2008. The E2C project is presented on page 40.

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Express to Connect Fact Sheet

In addition to the basic information about the Express to Connect project, the fact sheet provides a short summary of the addressed challenge, an outline of the methodology, and expectations of results and impacts.

Download E2C Fact Sheet pdf


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AAL Forum 2011

The world of the Ambient Assisted Living will gather this year in Lecce, Italy, during 26th to 28th of September. The Forum will serve as an information and discussion platform on innovative and advanced solutions for independent aging. It also represents a meeting place for stakeholders, scientists and users in Europe. The E2C project will be presented under track B (Social interaction) by Sabine Wildevuur and Thomas Hammer-Jakobsen.

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