Articles on Express to Connect project

Projects Magazine

Projects Magazine has published an article (page 20-25) in its AAL Forum special edition on the Express to Connect project. Read the extensive interview where project coordinator Thomas Hammer-Jakobsen explains how the recently created game, Play with Your Life, directly addresses the risks associated with the onset of unwanted loneliness in the elderly. Based on shared experience and interest, the game leads to social connectedness.

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New Brochure of AAL Projects

The 2011 brochure of AAL projects has just been published. See how the ICT-based solutions can support the active and healthy ageing of elderly people. The brochure presents a number of projects resulting from the first three thematic calls issued since 2008. The E2C project is presented on pages 64-65.

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Logo and visual guidelines

30. 04. 2010

Visual Identity Guidelines

The Express to Connect logo shows the process where different Living Labs work together to create user-oriented solutions. Every participant is attached to the others and each one has its own colour.

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