Management Structure

The overall organisational structure consists of the board, a project coordinator and seven project managers.

The board consist of representatives from all project-partners and sub-contractors. The board meets twice a year to ensure that the E2C solution represents value in relation to different end-users. The board has the following responsibilities: ensuring that the project fulfils its goals, devising corrective strategies if necessary and authorising appropriate amendments to the work plan according to the recommendations from the project coordinator.

There is a manager for each work package to ensure the timely and successful completion of the corresponding work. This implies all operational tasks of the work package related to resource management, co-ordination of the activities and liaison with the other work package managers. The work package manager is the person responsible for the preparation of all the corresponding deliverables of the work package and their timely delivery.

The project coordinator liaises with the AAL in all matters of the E2C project. It is his responsibility to oversee the overall management of the project, being responsible for planning the project execution in detail and ensuring timely and effective implementation of the activities. The project coordinator is also responsible for any conflict resolution among partners.