Express to Connect outcomes

People Value Company

By March 2013,the Express to Connect project was transformed into People Value Company (PVC). This new business entity is the organizational framework for commercializing the results of the AmbientAssisted Living Joint Programme.

The ageing society is causing a vast variety of new business opportunities. People Value Company will act to disseminate knowledge and experience gained in a way that has asocial and economic impact on local, regional and national scale in Europe.

The knowledge and experience contain two main assets:

  1. A platform for picture-based games (Storyville Studios) strengthening social connections through storytelling.
  2. A framework for exploiting the benefits of applying “social connectedness” to public and private services.

Storyville games

The fundamental innovation behind the Storyville games isan initial understanding of the relations between pictures/music, gameplay and social settings, which allow to design digital board games. By playing these games on iPad,players enhance social connectedness among themselves.

Currently three games are available on App Store:
a) Storyville Picture Pong
b) Storyville Photobluff
c) Storyville Pic my choice

Social connectedness

All wealth and prosperity originates from social relations. Connectedness is a powerful resource rooted in human nature. By unfolding the very nature of relations and connectedness,the People Value Companyinvites both public and private organizations to join our effort to design for connectedness – reframe the picture of elders, rethink the offerand reinvented services to support connectedness.

People Value Company offers a number of distinct design workshops and a book (Connect) that will guide organizations in their attempt to rethink and redesign services: 

  1. People value Review – Experience products or services through the eyes of elders
  2. People value Insights – Tool for thinking of elders as customers
  3. People value Creation – Applying People Value Canvas, a framework for innovating value propositions
  4. People value Assessment  – Estimate the ROI ofconnectedness

Project outcomes by WP

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